Creativity and inspiration in motion.

What Inspires Me: Art and Photography

Hello all!  I figured the best way that I can start this blog is to tell you what really inspires me.  It’s such a broad subject, but I take the opportunities to find the things that always have my creative juices flowing.

Since I’m a graphic design student, it’s second nature to scope out the very people, places and things that’ll help me evolve into a better, well-rounded designer.

Art and photography are two of the main things that motivate me.

As far as artists are concerned, Paul Gauguin is one of the artists that I love.  Yes, he didn’t live a very favorable life; I know this.  However, to see his work progress from Post-Impressionism to create his own style really intrigued me.  His bold choices of color and texture really make him stand out, even though he was overshadowed by Vincent Van Gogh.  Also, his progression of self-portraits showcased his evolution.  Salvador Dali is another artist that I love.  I remember visiting the Dali museum when I was younger and was in awe of his surreal works.  His eccentric mind was just mind-blowing.  I haven’t visited the museum since it opened a couple of years ago, but I plan to make that trip soon.  I adore Jean-Michel Basquiat.  I wanted to do a photo shoot concept based on an image of him with a splatter-painted suit.  Serge Kponton‘s attention to detail is just sick.  I came across his paintings about a year ago and fell in love.

Photography is one of the genres that I always find inspiration.  Gordon Parks and Ansel Adams are a couple of photographers whose images I can seem to take my eyes off of.   There are so many others that I haven’t mentioned here in this post, however, I will feature them as I go.  I’ll also post my design work and show what sparked the idea(s).

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