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Absolut Unique: Artistically Bottled

Okay…I had to share this with y’all.   As a part of my class discussion, I found a link regarding Absolut from The Dieline.  I was truly amazed by reading and watching the process of how Absolut created these stunning, one-of-a-kind bottles for their limited edition, Absolut Unique.  The company took an ambitious turn by reprogramming their machines to give each bottle a unique look.  A total of 35 colors and 51 pattern types were given to every bottle to make sure that no two bottles look identical.  Brush strokes, paint splatters, and gradients are a few of the techniques you’ll see on the bottles.  The artistry is just wonderful.

I’m not a big vodka fan, but I can see myself buying a couple of these as art pieces.

Please watch the video to see the process.  It’s just amazing to see how the concept unfolds.

What do you think of Absolut’s vision with their limited edition bottles?  Would you buy one for yourself?

Absolut Unique limited edition bottles

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