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C’Babi Bayoc: 365 Days With Dad

As usual, I was doing my Facebook surfing until I found a post highlighting a link to C’Babi Bayoc‘s Community page called 365 Days With Dad.  According to the “About” section, C’Babi started this project at the beginning of this year as a New Year’s resolution. He lost his father at age 11 and he’s portrayed fathers in his artwork as an inspiration.  C’Babi’s paintings remind me of a mix between the spirit of Varnette Honeywood and Jacob Lawrence.  His paintings are richly gorgeous with stunning vibrant colors.  Some of these images moved me to tears.  Fathers holding sleeping babies.  Fathers playing with their children.  Fathers hugging their children.  Fathers helping their children practice on their instruments.  It’s so beautiful to see.  As much as I hear people talk down about Black men aren’t fathers to their kids, this man’s work shows that there are Black fathers out there raising their children.  C’Babi’s paintings are depictions of images that either he had found or people have submitted to his project.  His work is an antithesis to what is shown in the media today and I’m so happy to talk about his artwork.

If anyone who’s a hip-hop head like me remembers the cover to the Violator compilation albums from Def Jam, he’s the artist who created the incredible caricatures of Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, LL Cool J, and other hip-hop lyricists.

Violator marketing images; artwork by Cbabi Bayoc
Found on

Make sure to visit as well as “like” his 365 Days With Dad page on Facebook.  You’ll be glad you did.

All images were found in  I do not own any rights to them.


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