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New artwork: Hauntingly Beautiful, Immersed, Hot Vinyl, and SoulFlower

I have been busy creating new works of art in the last few weeks.  Again, this incredible surge of creativity washed over me and I couldn’t help but to put it into great use.  Here they are!

hauntinglybeautiful“Hauntingly Beautiful” is one of those images that I created thinking I wanted to put a flower in the mix, however, it turned out really stunning on its own with the combination of the woods, gradients, and textures.








“Immersed” came to me from looking at water.  I found the colors really beautiful here.  It almost looks like fabric. Immersed









hot_vinyl“Hot Vinyl” was really fun to create.  I loved making the records and how they have their own “personality” with the labels.  This is a tribute to old school soul and hip hop music.










soulflowerAnd lastly, “SoulFlower” rounds out the group of new artwork.  I was inspired by a person who bloomed from their tribulations in life, only to shine like the sun when they smiled.  The colors represent their happiness and positivity they have with life.










Which one of the four is your favorite?  Comment below!  



Artist Highlight- Patrick Marcelino: Talent Unlimited


Patrick Marcelino
Photography by Lorenzo Overman

If you look up the word, “multi-talented” in the dictionary, I’m sure you will find Patrick Marcelino’s smiling face right next to the entry.  Yes, he is truly multi-talented in many creative genres. The Rotterdam, Netherlands native wears many hats and does it effortlessly.  I can’t even keep up with everything Patrick does because it blows me away.

Y’all ready to find out what his talents are?

*stretches fingers to type*

Patrick is a graphic designer, model, percussionist and singer for Forecast Jah Reign (click here for the link for the FJR post I’d done), producer, founder of Melanated Clothing, photographer, videographer, painter, practices capoeira, and  promotes parties.  *whew*  And he just turned 23 this past December.

I think he’s also a top chef, maybe a mechanic, but he’s not telling.  lol  Just joking.  (smiles)

Creativity flows in his blood and it’s the drive that keeps him going.  If he has all of this going for him now, imagine him in ten to twenty years from now.  Yes…I envision incredible success and longevity with this man.

To see his portfolio of logo designs, modeling images, and videos, click here.

To visit his wonderful t-shirt company, visit Melanated Clothing.  Also visit, Melanated e-zine as well.

“Love the sun.  Stay Melanated.” ~Patrick Marcelino

Another musing post…

Awhile ago, I created an original abstract artwork of a person who I thought was a really cool idea to surprise them with.  I was so proud of the work I’d done after I completed it.   The piece took a couple of days to do.  I put a lot of detail into it.  I then sent the person a message with the artwork attached.  Well, *sigh* they laughed at it.  It wasn’t the kind of laugh that they were flattered by the piece.  It was the “this right here is wack” kind of laugh.  They never thanked me for it.  I’m not going to lie, it actually hurt me a bit because I spent a lot of time on it.  It wasn’t something that was slapped together in hopes of it all coming over perfectly.  Since then, I shut myself off completely of doing anyone abstract caricatures of folks.

I recently had someone ask me if I could create original artwork portraying their likeness after they had seen my work.  I was extremely happy because 1.) I never had ANYONE ask me to do something original, and 2.) they told me that they LOVED my work.  I was truly humbled by the inquiry.  I’m so excited to start it soon!

My questions for y’all are:

Have you had an artist who made you into a work of art?  If so, were you flattered by the gesture or did you find it simply strange?

New Digital Art: Carry On

Woo hoo!  My 30th post!  🙂

I debuted new artwork on my Soulfully Yours Art Design page on FB.  “Carry On” came to me as I finished it.  I used different paint brushes, blend modes, and textures to create this abstract  Despite what you may have gone through in life, hold your head high and carry on.

What do you think?  


Just Musing…

I feel like this is such a random post, however, I wanted to talk about it.  lol

About a month ago, I found a new muse who inspired me so much where I began writing again.  Stories, poems, photography, and new art have been birthed from this new surge of creativity.  I’m actually thrilled by this because it’s been a long time since I felt this way.  I’m constantly coming up with new ideas everyday for me to jot down or type it on my laptop.  I’m even thinking about possibly creating a new blog for my stories and poetry alone.  There is something remarkable when a person finds a muse.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person.  It could be a building, an act of kindness that you’ve witnessed, or the beauty of nature.  Sometimes, a song on a CD or an emotion can awaken creativity as well.  My spirit feels happy to be in this frame of creative mind.

So here’s my question to everyone:  Who or what is your muse?  In what way does your muse inspire?  What was the last thing that you’ve created with your muse in mind?

I’d love to hear your responses!