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Artist Highlight

Artist Highlight- Patrick Marcelino: Talent Unlimited


Patrick Marcelino
Photography by Lorenzo Overman

If you look up the word, “multi-talented” in the dictionary, I’m sure you will find Patrick Marcelino’s smiling face right next to the entry.  Yes, he is truly multi-talented in many creative genres. The Rotterdam, Netherlands native wears many hats and does it effortlessly.  I can’t even keep up with everything Patrick does because it blows me away.

Y’all ready to find out what his talents are?

*stretches fingers to type*

Patrick is a graphic designer, model, percussionist and singer for Forecast Jah Reign (click here for the link for the FJR post I’d done), producer, founder of Melanated Clothing, photographer, videographer, painter, practices capoeira, and  promotes parties.  *whew*  And he just turned 23 this past December.

I think he’s also a top chef, maybe a mechanic, but he’s not telling.  lol  Just joking.  (smiles)

Creativity flows in his blood and it’s the drive that keeps him going.  If he has all of this going for him now, imagine him in ten to twenty years from now.  Yes…I envision incredible success and longevity with this man.

To see his portfolio of logo designs, modeling images, and videos, click here.

To visit his wonderful t-shirt company, visit Melanated Clothing.  Also visit, Melanated e-zine as well.

“Love the sun.  Stay Melanated.” ~Patrick Marcelino