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A Makeover That 4 Women Hated

Yes, you read that right.  Women who HATED their makeovers.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love shows like “What Not To Wear” that revamp women into their best versions of themselves after a shopping spree, hair, and makeup sessions.  It’s cool to see women’s reactions to their new look.

Earlier this morning, I stumbled across a post on my Facebook newsfeed.  It’s a BuzzFeed video about four women who had professional makeovers done, only to…well, just click the link.  

Four Women Get the “Cover Model” Makeover…Only To Hate It.

What’s your take on the video?  


It’s been a long time…

…oh yes…it has.  I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope post to read to.  *crickets*  Yeah, yeah…I tried to be a little humorous.  lol

Anyway, a lot has happened with me in the last several months.  Where should I start?

1.)  I’m on the verge of finishing school to receive my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. 

2.) I’m expanding HDSepia by doing more portraits, special events, and hopefully fashion/artistic images.  

3.)  Baby #3 will be due this July.  My family and I are excited!  I’ll be getting in front of the lens for new maternity images very soon.  

4.)  I’m a part of Abioye Clothing, a Dutch based clothing company founded by my wonderful friend, Patrick Marcelino from Rotterdam.  

5.)  I have new artwork that I’ve created under Soulfully Yours Art Design.  Also, I can be found in Instagram (yes, I jumped on that train) under @soulfullyyoursartdesign.  

6.)  Hopefully all of this wonderful news will garner more posts here on SD/PN.  🙂

That’s pretty much everything!  I look forward to bringing you all new posts very soon.  Here are a couple images to share for the time being.  🙂

Question:  Who has wonderful news to share??

lioness New Life

Abioye Clothing Model:  Patrick Marcelino Photography:  Ernst Coppejans

Abioye Clothing
Model: Patrick Marcelino
Photography: Ernst Coppejans




This is a great overview of the hits and misses of the Costume Gala!

Kim Shee

 Sometimes during the year, there are fantastic events like the annual Costume Institute Gala in which I’m presented with a plethora of  celeb looks to critique & praise. Some celebs rocked the red carpet, while others (most actually)…didn’t. I was originally tweeting my thoughts until someone suggested that I just blog about it. And because it’s been quite around here & because it’s a good idea, I figured…why not!

Let’s start with the looks that I LOVED.

My favorite look hands down is Solange’s (now her sister on the other hand? We’ll get to that later). That Canary Yellow? Her hair? The accessories? Gah! Gorgeous all around. Her dress was designed by Rachel Roy.

Following up in a close 2nd is January Jones’s gorgeous Versace. I am loving that she took a chance with the Canary Yellow (which tends to wash out lighter complexioned ladies) and I love the…

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