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Another musing post…

Awhile ago, I created an original abstract artwork of a person who I thought was a really cool idea to surprise them with.  I was so proud of the work I’d done after I completed it.   The piece took a couple of days to do.  I put a lot of detail into it.  I then sent the person a message with the artwork attached.  Well, *sigh* they laughed at it.  It wasn’t the kind of laugh that they were flattered by the piece.  It was the “this right here is wack” kind of laugh.  They never thanked me for it.  I’m not going to lie, it actually hurt me a bit because I spent a lot of time on it.  It wasn’t something that was slapped together in hopes of it all coming over perfectly.  Since then, I shut myself off completely of doing anyone abstract caricatures of folks.

I recently had someone ask me if I could create original artwork portraying their likeness after they had seen my work.  I was extremely happy because 1.) I never had ANYONE ask me to do something original, and 2.) they told me that they LOVED my work.  I was truly humbled by the inquiry.  I’m so excited to start it soon!

My questions for y’all are:

Have you had an artist who made you into a work of art?  If so, were you flattered by the gesture or did you find it simply strange?


New Digital Art: Headwrap Goddess

Terrible.  Yes, I’ve been terrible.  I haven’t blogged in over two months!!!  *shaking head*

Well, I have an explanation.  I’ve been sooooo bogged down with my graphic design classes at school and my older son’s t-ball practice and games.  Yes, I’m now officially a t-ball mom.  🙂

Now…back to art.  I have been creating a few things.  I’ve done another digital abstract painting, a nude abstract, and this latest one called “Headwrap Goddess”.

I used Illustrator to create my goddess, adding gradients and texture.  The mud cloth print for her dress I created as well.  The background is all Photoshop using a few images with several blend modes.  I even added my signature on the bottom right-hand side, which looks way more personal and interesting than typing my name and copyright.

The concept behind the art is to have her surrounded by different elements with her striking beauty:  water, sun, wind, and earth.

I really love the outcome.  What do you think?

C’Babi Bayoc: 365 Days With Dad

As usual, I was doing my Facebook surfing until I found a post highlighting a link to C’Babi Bayoc‘s Community page called 365 Days With Dad.  According to the “About” section, C’Babi started this project at the beginning of this year as a New Year’s resolution. He lost his father at age 11 and he’s portrayed fathers in his artwork as an inspiration.  C’Babi’s paintings remind me of a mix between the spirit of Varnette Honeywood and Jacob Lawrence.  His paintings are richly gorgeous with stunning vibrant colors.  Some of these images moved me to tears.  Fathers holding sleeping babies.  Fathers playing with their children.  Fathers hugging their children.  Fathers helping their children practice on their instruments.  It’s so beautiful to see.  As much as I hear people talk down about Black men aren’t fathers to their kids, this man’s work shows that there are Black fathers out there raising their children.  C’Babi’s paintings are depictions of images that either he had found or people have submitted to his project.  His work is an antithesis to what is shown in the media today and I’m so happy to talk about his artwork.

If anyone who’s a hip-hop head like me remembers the cover to the Violator compilation albums from Def Jam, he’s the artist who created the incredible caricatures of Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, LL Cool J, and other hip-hop lyricists.

Violator marketing images; artwork by Cbabi Bayoc
Found on

Make sure to visit as well as “like” his 365 Days With Dad page on Facebook.  You’ll be glad you did.

All images were found in  I do not own any rights to them.


Absolut Unique: Artistically Bottled

Okay…I had to share this with y’all.   As a part of my class discussion, I found a link regarding Absolut from The Dieline.  I was truly amazed by reading and watching the process of how Absolut created these stunning, one-of-a-kind bottles for their limited edition, Absolut Unique.  The company took an ambitious turn by reprogramming their machines to give each bottle a unique look.  A total of 35 colors and 51 pattern types were given to every bottle to make sure that no two bottles look identical.  Brush strokes, paint splatters, and gradients are a few of the techniques you’ll see on the bottles.  The artistry is just wonderful.

I’m not a big vodka fan, but I can see myself buying a couple of these as art pieces.

Please watch the video to see the process.  It’s just amazing to see how the concept unfolds.

What do you think of Absolut’s vision with their limited edition bottles?  Would you buy one for yourself?

Absolut Unique limited edition bottles

Art of influence: Varnette Honeywood

About a couple of months ago, I created an art nouveau-based bookmark for my History in Visual Communications class.  I decided to create a bookmark that showcases a beauty that the media and Hollywood do not talk about or embrace.  Using both Illustrator and Photoshop, I gave my vision life, which I call “Beauty of the Flower”.  I chose that name due to a quote from Indian writer, Rabindranath Tagore:

“By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower.”

After praise from both my instructor and people who have seen my work, I decided recently to start selling these bookmarks.  I wanted something inspirational and beautiful that people could look at while reading.

The other day, I conversed with a gentleman who is a friend, artist, and photographer, who purchased five bookmarks from me.  He told me that my work reminded him of his great friend, the late Varnette Honeywood.  Little did I realize that this is the same Varnette Honeywood who created the fabulous, vibrant works of African-American art that were featured in “The Cosby Show” and the illustrations of “Little Bill” in both the book and Nick Jr. cartoon series.  Her artwork was also featured in shows such as, “227”, “A Different World”, and “Amen”.  Camille Cosby, wife of Bill Cosby, had spotted her work and started collecting her pieces in the 1980s.  That humbled me deeply because I felt like I was nowhere close to her genius.   I’ve barely tapped into art and design, even through art has been a huge factor growing up.  Her use of texture, shapes and color made her works extremely strong, brilliant, and memorable that depicted Black family life.

Ms. Honeywood was inspired by the works of mentors Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence, whose works I deeply admire.  She and her older sister, Stephanie, founded one of the first African-American owned art and greeting card company in the 1970s called “Black Lifestyles”.  She went on to creating works of art for her alma mater, Spelman College, painted the mural for Bill Cosby’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things”,  taught art at various programs, and became the Director of Art Outreach Program for the University of Southern California.

As I read more and more about this incredible lady who passed away on September 12, 2010, I know she has left an remarkable legacy of outstanding art, passion, and dedication to showing the beauty of Black life in everything that she’d done.  I’m truly inspired.

I will own a Varnette Honeywood painting soon.  It’ll take a lot of bookmarks to sell, but I want my walls to be blessed with her art.

Make sure to see the links of her work, along with her mentors.

Digital Painting: Aura of Betel Leaves

My newest piece for the digital painting series.  I really wanted something blue and a bit surreal.  The leaves created a perfect center with the dashes of light, swirls, and a brush that resembled grass for added texture.  What do you think?



Phenomenal self-portraits by Alex Stoddard

Thanks to my friend, CarlyKablooey, she hipped me to this fantastic blog featuring a young creative photography genius by the name of Alex Stoddard.  The 18 year-olds surrealistic imagery is just captivatingly stunning!  I really need to step up my self-portrait game because these images are INSANE!!  This is innovative, creative, out of the friggin’ box type of art that I truly admire.  You know what?  I’m not going to rattle on about how incredible his work his…just peep it and tell me what you all think!  :o)

Also, check out the interview that another blogger from My Modern Met, alice, had done about a year and a half ago with Alex.

All images were found via Google Search.  I do not own the rights to these images.