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New artwork: Hauntingly Beautiful, Immersed, Hot Vinyl, and SoulFlower

I have been busy creating new works of art in the last few weeks.  Again, this incredible surge of creativity washed over me and I couldn’t help but to put it into great use.  Here they are!

hauntinglybeautiful“Hauntingly Beautiful” is one of those images that I created thinking I wanted to put a flower in the mix, however, it turned out really stunning on its own with the combination of the woods, gradients, and textures.








“Immersed” came to me from looking at water.  I found the colors really beautiful here.  It almost looks like fabric. Immersed









hot_vinyl“Hot Vinyl” was really fun to create.  I loved making the records and how they have their own “personality” with the labels.  This is a tribute to old school soul and hip hop music.










soulflowerAnd lastly, “SoulFlower” rounds out the group of new artwork.  I was inspired by a person who bloomed from their tribulations in life, only to shine like the sun when they smiled.  The colors represent their happiness and positivity they have with life.










Which one of the four is your favorite?  Comment below!  



New Digital Art: Carry On

Woo hoo!  My 30th post!  🙂

I debuted new artwork on my Soulfully Yours Art Design page on FB.  “Carry On” came to me as I finished it.  I used different paint brushes, blend modes, and textures to create this abstract  Despite what you may have gone through in life, hold your head high and carry on.

What do you think?  


Soulfully Yours Art Design: My New Facebook Artist’s Page!

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope this post finds everyone well and happy!  🙂

Yes!  You read that title correctly!  I finally debuted my new artist’s page, Soulfully Yours Art Design, showcasing my work!  I’m really excited about it.  The love and support that has poured from folks humbled me.  Take a moment to swing by, “like” it, and leave a comment or message!