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New Self-Portraits

Lately, I’ve been in a blue mood.  I got tired of looking like a total bum around the house (I’m a stay at home wife and mom) and decided to take a couple of self-portraits.  I don’t take my own pictures with the thought of “Oh, I’m hot” or any other craziness.  It’s more of an evolution for me.  Every photo has a different mood and I capture it as I go.  Here are a couple of images that I wanted to share.



Do you take self-portraits?  What do they mean to you?


Artwork by Neo Samo

I had the opportunity to be in front of the lens as a model for a couple of years.  I collaborated with one photographer by the name of Neo Samo a few times, one of which was for a body paint series called Noir Black (yes, I know the meaning is “Black Black”).  We captured one image that was visually stunning.  It had garnered so much buzz where a woman’s shelter and an art aficionado wanted prints of the image to grace their walls.

Well, the last photo shoot I had with him, Neo Samo gifted me with a print of my own to hang up on my walls.  I was truly amazed and humbled by the kind gesture.

Here is the image in question.  I had a blast creating this, even though the paint was extremely hard to wash off.  lol