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There are a few websites that I frequent a bit if I need some design inspiration.  Abduzeedo is one site that I absolutely love to pieces.  From photography to typography to illustrations, the site is full of wonderful posts.  I won’t get into great deal about it, just go visit the site and be inspired!



Musing: What’s Your Motivation?


I had to share this quote that I said earlier yesterday based on a couple of conversations I had with folks earlier this week about some changes that they were making their career and health.

“Will power, motivation, support, prayer/meditation are keys to making positive changes for yourself.”  – Brooke Holmes

Question:  What motivates you if you decide to make a change for the better?  

New artwork: Hauntingly Beautiful, Immersed, Hot Vinyl, and SoulFlower

I have been busy creating new works of art in the last few weeks.  Again, this incredible surge of creativity washed over me and I couldn’t help but to put it into great use.  Here they are!

hauntinglybeautiful“Hauntingly Beautiful” is one of those images that I created thinking I wanted to put a flower in the mix, however, it turned out really stunning on its own with the combination of the woods, gradients, and textures.








“Immersed” came to me from looking at water.  I found the colors really beautiful here.  It almost looks like fabric. Immersed









hot_vinyl“Hot Vinyl” was really fun to create.  I loved making the records and how they have their own “personality” with the labels.  This is a tribute to old school soul and hip hop music.










soulflowerAnd lastly, “SoulFlower” rounds out the group of new artwork.  I was inspired by a person who bloomed from their tribulations in life, only to shine like the sun when they smiled.  The colors represent their happiness and positivity they have with life.










Which one of the four is your favorite?  Comment below!  


Just Musing…

I feel like this is such a random post, however, I wanted to talk about it.  lol

About a month ago, I found a new muse who inspired me so much where I began writing again.  Stories, poems, photography, and new art have been birthed from this new surge of creativity.  I’m actually thrilled by this because it’s been a long time since I felt this way.  I’m constantly coming up with new ideas everyday for me to jot down or type it on my laptop.  I’m even thinking about possibly creating a new blog for my stories and poetry alone.  There is something remarkable when a person finds a muse.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person.  It could be a building, an act of kindness that you’ve witnessed, or the beauty of nature.  Sometimes, a song on a CD or an emotion can awaken creativity as well.  My spirit feels happy to be in this frame of creative mind.

So here’s my question to everyone:  Who or what is your muse?  In what way does your muse inspire?  What was the last thing that you’ve created with your muse in mind?

I’d love to hear your responses!   

Art of influence: Varnette Honeywood

About a couple of months ago, I created an art nouveau-based bookmark for my History in Visual Communications class.  I decided to create a bookmark that showcases a beauty that the media and Hollywood do not talk about or embrace.  Using both Illustrator and Photoshop, I gave my vision life, which I call “Beauty of the Flower”.  I chose that name due to a quote from Indian writer, Rabindranath Tagore:

“By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower.”

After praise from both my instructor and people who have seen my work, I decided recently to start selling these bookmarks.  I wanted something inspirational and beautiful that people could look at while reading.

The other day, I conversed with a gentleman who is a friend, artist, and photographer, who purchased five bookmarks from me.  He told me that my work reminded him of his great friend, the late Varnette Honeywood.  Little did I realize that this is the same Varnette Honeywood who created the fabulous, vibrant works of African-American art that were featured in “The Cosby Show” and the illustrations of “Little Bill” in both the book and Nick Jr. cartoon series.  Her artwork was also featured in shows such as, “227”, “A Different World”, and “Amen”.  Camille Cosby, wife of Bill Cosby, had spotted her work and started collecting her pieces in the 1980s.  That humbled me deeply because I felt like I was nowhere close to her genius.   I’ve barely tapped into art and design, even through art has been a huge factor growing up.  Her use of texture, shapes and color made her works extremely strong, brilliant, and memorable that depicted Black family life.

Ms. Honeywood was inspired by the works of mentors Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence, whose works I deeply admire.  She and her older sister, Stephanie, founded one of the first African-American owned art and greeting card company in the 1970s called “Black Lifestyles”.  She went on to creating works of art for her alma mater, Spelman College, painted the mural for Bill Cosby’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things”,  taught art at various programs, and became the Director of Art Outreach Program for the University of Southern California.

As I read more and more about this incredible lady who passed away on September 12, 2010, I know she has left an remarkable legacy of outstanding art, passion, and dedication to showing the beauty of Black life in everything that she’d done.  I’m truly inspired.

I will own a Varnette Honeywood painting soon.  It’ll take a lot of bookmarks to sell, but I want my walls to be blessed with her art.

Make sure to see the links of her work, along with her mentors.

SAVNAC MURAL DESIGNS: Art by Carlleena Person

‘My art is about fragmented beauty. I can draw but choose to allow you to create the story you see when looking at the lines and colors I intuitively create. Life is Art and Art is Life and one cannot exist without the other.” – Carlleena Person

A few days ago, I was talking to an artist/photographer who I admire, CHD:WCK!.  He told me of a wonderfully multi-faceted artist by the name of Carlleena Person of SAVNAC MURAL DESIGNS.  I went to her artist’s Facebook page and I was immediately floored by her genius.  Incredibly vibrant, rich hues along with bold shapes, curves, lines make her art stand out.  Her exceptional artistry reminded me so much of Jean-Michel Basquiat. From buildings to human canvases, her mural designs clearly have a distinct voice beyond her city of Charlotte, NC.

As I admired her extraordinary portfolio, CHD:WCK! mentioned that she was no longer with us.  I found out that she passed away on May 20th, according to the Creative Loafing article I read.  May 24th, in fact, was the day of her memorial and would have been her 33rd birthday.  He spoke lovingly of a close friend and mentor who motivated and inspired others in every way.  I told him that I felt like I truly missed out on a phenomenal human being.  It actually brought me to tears knowing how short life really is and we must live each day to the fullest.  I grabbed my two year-old son to hug him, even though he gave me the “Mommy, what was that for?” look.  Between CHD:WCK!, and the people’s lives Carlleena has touched, her spirit and legacy will carry on.

Carlleena had a lot of fantastic things going on before her passing.  She had an exhibition coming up, TAO of SAVNAC, on June 1st to showcase her artwork.  She also had news that her art will be featured in a gallery in California.  You could feel her vibrant energy and positivity through her posts.

Life = Art and Art = Life.  I feel you, sis.

Thank you, CHD:WCK! for the introduction.  She will never be forgotten.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Carlleena Person (1979-2012).

Carlleena at work. Unknown photographer.

“I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”  -Carlleena Person

What Inspires Me: Art and Photography

Hello all!  I figured the best way that I can start this blog is to tell you what really inspires me.  It’s such a broad subject, but I take the opportunities to find the things that always have my creative juices flowing.

Since I’m a graphic design student, it’s second nature to scope out the very people, places and things that’ll help me evolve into a better, well-rounded designer.

Art and photography are two of the main things that motivate me.

As far as artists are concerned, Paul Gauguin is one of the artists that I love.  Yes, he didn’t live a very favorable life; I know this.  However, to see his work progress from Post-Impressionism to create his own style really intrigued me.  His bold choices of color and texture really make him stand out, even though he was overshadowed by Vincent Van Gogh.  Also, his progression of self-portraits showcased his evolution.  Salvador Dali is another artist that I love.  I remember visiting the Dali museum when I was younger and was in awe of his surreal works.  His eccentric mind was just mind-blowing.  I haven’t visited the museum since it opened a couple of years ago, but I plan to make that trip soon.  I adore Jean-Michel Basquiat.  I wanted to do a photo shoot concept based on an image of him with a splatter-painted suit.  Serge Kponton‘s attention to detail is just sick.  I came across his paintings about a year ago and fell in love.

Photography is one of the genres that I always find inspiration.  Gordon Parks and Ansel Adams are a couple of photographers whose images I can seem to take my eyes off of.   There are so many others that I haven’t mentioned here in this post, however, I will feature them as I go.  I’ll also post my design work and show what sparked the idea(s).