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It’s been a long time…

…oh yes…it has.  I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope post to read to.  *crickets*  Yeah, yeah…I tried to be a little humorous.  lol

Anyway, a lot has happened with me in the last several months.  Where should I start?

1.)  I’m on the verge of finishing school to receive my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. 

2.) I’m expanding HDSepia by doing more portraits, special events, and hopefully fashion/artistic images.  

3.)  Baby #3 will be due this July.  My family and I are excited!  I’ll be getting in front of the lens for new maternity images very soon.  

4.)  I’m a part of Abioye Clothing, a Dutch based clothing company founded by my wonderful friend, Patrick Marcelino from Rotterdam.  

5.)  I have new artwork that I’ve created under Soulfully Yours Art Design.  Also, I can be found in Instagram (yes, I jumped on that train) under @soulfullyyoursartdesign.  

6.)  Hopefully all of this wonderful news will garner more posts here on SD/PN.  🙂

That’s pretty much everything!  I look forward to bringing you all new posts very soon.  Here are a couple images to share for the time being.  🙂

Question:  Who has wonderful news to share??

lioness New Life

Abioye Clothing Model:  Patrick Marcelino Photography:  Ernst Coppejans

Abioye Clothing
Model: Patrick Marcelino
Photography: Ernst Coppejans





Artist Highlight- Patrick Marcelino: Talent Unlimited


Patrick Marcelino
Photography by Lorenzo Overman

If you look up the word, “multi-talented” in the dictionary, I’m sure you will find Patrick Marcelino’s smiling face right next to the entry.  Yes, he is truly multi-talented in many creative genres. The Rotterdam, Netherlands native wears many hats and does it effortlessly.  I can’t even keep up with everything Patrick does because it blows me away.

Y’all ready to find out what his talents are?

*stretches fingers to type*

Patrick is a graphic designer, model, percussionist and singer for Forecast Jah Reign (click here for the link for the FJR post I’d done), producer, founder of Melanated Clothing, photographer, videographer, painter, practices capoeira, and  promotes parties.  *whew*  And he just turned 23 this past December.

I think he’s also a top chef, maybe a mechanic, but he’s not telling.  lol  Just joking.  (smiles)

Creativity flows in his blood and it’s the drive that keeps him going.  If he has all of this going for him now, imagine him in ten to twenty years from now.  Yes…I envision incredible success and longevity with this man.

To see his portfolio of logo designs, modeling images, and videos, click here.

To visit his wonderful t-shirt company, visit Melanated Clothing.  Also visit, Melanated e-zine as well.

“Love the sun.  Stay Melanated.” ~Patrick Marcelino

Forecast Jah Reign: African Reggae Soul

If you all must know this about me.  I love music.  I really do.  If I wasn’t getting my graphic design degree, I’d probably be in music production.  I love it that much.   I came from an era where soul music was the regular staple in my household.  Luther Vandross, The Commodores, Marvin Gaye, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Whitney Houston, The Temptations, LaBelle, The O’Jays, and other brilliant artists were rotated heavily as we opened our windows and prepare for our Saturday day chores.  Even though I am a fan of other genres of music, soul R&B music has molded my appreciation for great, timeless music.

I recently friended a wonderfully talented, multi-faceted man on Facebook named Patrick Marcelino, who is a part of a fabulous group from Rotterdam, Netherlands called Forecast Jah Reign.  I checked out a few videos and listened to their SoundCloud.  I’m still listening to their SoundCloud as I type this post.  I’m a fan.  I love their vibe and the peace in the music they create.  Their music is just beautifully soulful, comprised of a blend of reggae and African beats, lovely strings, rhythmic percussion and soothing, fantastic voices.   They remind me of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Check out their YouTube videos.  Listen to their SoundCloud.  I love to hear what you all think.