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Photography by !YODA

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to model for !YODA and for jewelry designer, Lola de’Carmen.  The neckpiece that I modeled is just exquisite.  I loved it so much.  It’s been about six months since I’d last got in front of the lens for a photographer.  However, I had an absolute blast!  I also photographed a model by the name of Charlye Lee.  I’m currently working on those edits and will share in another post.

Here are a couple of images from yesterday’s shoot.  The first image is from the Lola de’Carmen jewelry line.  The second is the “Black Coffee” and yes, I was covered in coffee.  🙂

"Black Coffee"


I love both images a great deal.  What do you think??


Musing: In Front of the Lens with Neo Samo

A couple of months ago, I re-teamed with Neo Samo for a nod towards Boho-African chic.  I haven’t done a lot of headshots when I modeled, but this may be one of my favorites.

BTM sepia00


Bold, bright colors were the highlight of this image as well as an island feel.  What do you think of this shot?

Introducing: HDSepia Photography

Yep…I’m branching out more and more into photography!  I’m constantly experimenting with different settings to get the effect I want.  I’m super blessed to have great mentors who answer my questions and give me advice.  Luckily, I have two images to share.  (smiles)

IMG_0786_hdsepia1This first image is that of a hibiscus flower in the front of my home at dusk.  I wanted to capture the bokeh effect with my neighbor’s house in the background.

IMG_0752 copy

The second image are my loves of my life, my boys. wasn’t an easy shot to get because they do not sit or stand still.  lol  However, this is one of my favorites. 

I can’t wait to show more images soon!  

What do you think of the images?  Who is/are your favorite photographer(s)?


There are a few websites that I frequent a bit if I need some design inspiration.  Abduzeedo is one site that I absolutely love to pieces.  From photography to typography to illustrations, the site is full of wonderful posts.  I won’t get into great deal about it, just go visit the site and be inspired!


SA Creatives

During my usual Facebook surfing a few months ago, I visited photographer  Saddi Khali‘s public figure page.  (Make sure to see Politics and Fashion Blog’s post about her Saddi Khali experience in front of the lens.) One of his posts were about the quality level of South African photography.  Curious, I asked him which photographers’ work he’d seen.  From there he hipped me to this wonderful site that features a super talented collective group called, SA Creatives. I spent quite a bit of time looking at their site.  The site is loaded with articles, fashion, spotlight interviews, design, photo tips, creative showcases, films, and videos.  I really love this site.  You’ll find the works of Axel Bosenge, William Coupon, Christiaan Hattingh, Boni-Kula and The Next Movement, and many, many talented individuals.

Check out their website to see for yourselves and see why I favorited them.  What do you like?

Louise Diamond Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to be in front of the lens for Louise Diamond Photos.  The Philly native flew in Florida to work with some local models and photographers for a week.  I was stoked that she wanted to work with me and come up with a couple of concepts.  We talked and laughed throughout the 2-hour photo shoot while listening to old school R&B and hip-hop music.

This sweet young lady not only does photography.  She models, sketches, paints, makes pottery, and sings.  She’s also a college student studying art and design.

Here’s an image from the shoot.  Her source of inspiration for this concept is The Barron (NSFW), who is a NY-based photographer with incredibly captivating images.  He loves to pair models with a simple objects and beautiful backgrounds for a stunning capture.

Phenomenal self-portraits by Alex Stoddard

Thanks to my friend, CarlyKablooey, she hipped me to this fantastic blog featuring a young creative photography genius by the name of Alex Stoddard.  The 18 year-olds surrealistic imagery is just captivatingly stunning!  I really need to step up my self-portrait game because these images are INSANE!!  This is innovative, creative, out of the friggin’ box type of art that I truly admire.  You know what?  I’m not going to rattle on about how incredible his work his…just peep it and tell me what you all think!  :o)

Also, check out the interview that another blogger from My Modern Met, alice, had done about a year and a half ago with Alex.

All images were found via Google Search.  I do not own the rights to these images.