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New Self-Portraits

Lately, I’ve been in a blue mood.  I got tired of looking like a total bum around the house (I’m a stay at home wife and mom) and decided to take a couple of self-portraits.  I don’t take my own pictures with the thought of “Oh, I’m hot” or any other craziness.  It’s more of an evolution for me.  Every photo has a different mood and I capture it as I go.  Here are a couple of images that I wanted to share.



Do you take self-portraits?  What do they mean to you?


B & W Staredown- self-portrait

Hi everyone!  I’m back with another self-portrait.  Again…I wasn’t trying to look all pretty and perfect.  It was more or less, experimentation with Photoshop using black and white.

Phenomenal self-portraits by Alex Stoddard

Thanks to my friend, CarlyKablooey, she hipped me to this fantastic blog featuring a young creative photography genius by the name of Alex Stoddard.  The 18 year-olds surrealistic imagery is just captivatingly stunning!  I really need to step up my self-portrait game because these images are INSANE!!  This is innovative, creative, out of the friggin’ box type of art that I truly admire.  You know what?  I’m not going to rattle on about how incredible his work his…just peep it and tell me what you all think!  :o)

Also, check out the interview that another blogger from My Modern Met, alice, had done about a year and a half ago with Alex.

All images were found via Google Search.  I do not own the rights to these images.

Self-Portrait: Diamonte Soul

I should be sleeping.  lol  However, I felt the need to create and push myself to stay inspired.

I love how Paul Gauguin had constantly reinvented himself through his self-portraits.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the man’s work.  In honesty, his rather unfavorable life overshadowed his body of work over the years.  However, I remember how each of his portraits were completely different than the next.  Perhaps the complexities of his madness had taken over his creative vision.  Whatever the case was, his series of self-portraits left an indelible imprint in my art world brain.

Diamonte Soul was an experiment of taking shapes, colors, and texture and bring them together harmoniously…to bring out a soul into how I felt at the moment.  Vibrant.  Unique.  Tranquil.  I’m at the point of not doing “perfectly pretty pictures” anymore.  You know…connection to the lens, expression, and making sure that my hair (or lack of it since it’s less than a centimeter short) is spot-on.

So here is my Gauguin-inspired, minus the madness, self-portrait.  What do you think?




I submitted earlier today a photo for Broken Light Collective, a blog dedicated to supporting photographer who are or have been affected by mental illness.  I decided to share my photo and brief story about depression.  I was very surprised and excited to know that my submission was selected and shared with the BLC community and beyond.  I hope that others will gain inspiration from both my words and image.  Check out .


Black, White, and Color

Black, White, and Color

I was playing around with Photoshop today and I ended up with this as the final result. Yes? No? Maybe?